Let's see Nagoya Castle from above! Nagoya Helicopter Tour Castle Course 7 minutes

flight time

7 Minutes Duration: 50 minutes

Price (per person)

11,000 From yen / for 3 people

Price (per person)

16,500 From yen / for 2 people

*All prices include tax.

  • 2-3 people

  • Flight date and time (weekly)/Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 13:30-15:30

Included in price 7-minute chartered helicopter flight course, helicopter hangar tour, boarding commemorative certificate

Seco International in Nagoya Prefectural Airport

Toyoba, Toyoyama-cho, Nishi-Kasugai-gun, Aichi Prefecture, Nagoya Airport

Toyoba Nagoya Airport, Toyoyama-cho, Nishi-Kasugai-gun, Aichi Prefecture | Seco International


◆If using a car *Parking is free at Seco International
About 20 minutes from Sakae
From Nagoya Expressway Route 11 Komaki Line, get off at Toyoyama Minami or Toyoyama Kita Exit.
*If you are coming by car navigation, please enter the direction aiming for the prefectural Nagoya Airport.
Once you arrive, check the map again and drive your car towards Seco International, so you can arrive smoothly.


◆When using public transportation
Bus|About 30 minutes from Nagoya Station
Aoi Transportation Service|http://aoi-komaki.jp/ Nagoya Station - Get off at Aichi Aviation Museum
*When getting off, please do not get off at the "Nagoya Airport" bus stop, but at the next bus stop (terminus), "Aichi Aviation Museum (Airport Walk North)".
"Seco International" (meeting point) will be right in front of you.

Plan information

  • Altitude 400-500m
  • Have clear conversations with a headset
  • Parking available (free)
  • Boarding for children (children up to 2 years old can ride on the lap)
  • Schedule change in case of cancellation due to bad weather


  • Prefectural Nagoya Airport
  • Nagoya Castle
  • Prefectural Nagoya Airport

    Private helicopter!Recommended for first-time users too!

    This plan includes the "Castle Course (7 minutes)" and "Helicopter Hangar Tour."
    Especially recommended for first-timers!Please use it in various situations such as family, friends, couples, etc.

    You can see Nagoya Castle from the sky!Share your unique experience on SNS

    When you think of Nagoya, many people probably think of Golden Killer Whale.You can enjoy the rare experience of seeing Nagoya Castle, where the golden killer whale is located, not from the ground but from above!You are also allowed to take photos and videos, so please share your own experiences on SNS♪

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask our staff!

    Cruising scene

    Plan flow

    • Please arrive at Prefectural Nagoya Airport Seco International at least 30 minutes before your reservation time.
    • We will carry out check-in (boarding procedures).
    • Please fill out the boarding list and we will provide you with instructions on how to board safely.
    • We will tour the helicopter hangar.
    • As soon as the boarding helicopter is ready, a staff member will guide you.
    • We will take photos with your smartphone in front of your boarding helicopter.
    • Enjoy a comfortable flight.
    • After landing, please receive your boarding commemorative certificate.

    *Please fasten your seat belt firmly.
    *Soundproof headsets will be equipped on board.
    *You can hear each other's voices clearly through the microphone.
    *All passengers can sit by the window.
    *Please refrain from moving your seat.


    After your reservation is confirmed, your flight may be canceled due to weather, equipment maintenance, or safety inspections.

    It will be canceled in case of rain or stormy weather.In the case of cancellation, we will contact everyone who has applied as soon as a decision is made.

    We will gather locally at the helipad and disperse.

    Please note that due to space constraints, the parking lot can only be used during the reserved time.

    Advance reservations are required.Please be sure to make a reservation in advance.

    Payment will be made in advance by credit card.

    Children up to 2 years of age may board for free if sitting on a parent's lap.

    If you are boarding alone, the aircraft can be reserved for two people. Please apply for 2 people.

    For groups of 4 or more, please split your reservation into 2 or 3 people.

    The image is for illustrative purposes only.

    If you are under the age of 18 and are boarding without a parent or guardian,Parental consent formPlease submit.
    Download the consent form

    Cancel measurement

    ●10 days to 4 days before the boarding date 20%
    ●3 days before the boarding date 30%
    ●2 days before the boarding date 50%
    ●The day before boarding date 100%
    ●On the day of boarding 100%
    *However, if the helicopter flight is canceled due to bad weather, etc., or if the desired date cannot be reserved, a full refund will be given.

    Reservation calendarCALENDAR