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We offer a help to create your own journey

An ISA Travel tailor made plan is definitely not a package tour at all. Our tailor made plan is created just for you. Yes, just for you, who wish to have a memorable and unforgettable trip that a package tour cannot offer.

We are reliable and able to offer various kinds of plans both domestically and internationally as we are licensed by Commissioner of Japan Tourism Agency and registered to Japan Tourism Agency.

People have their own dream trips. Package tours may have disadvantages in order to satisfy your needs and wants. ISA tailor made plan fulfills your needs and wants.

For example, a journey just you and your wife, not only visiting World Heritage sites but also having some time communicating with locals, or visiting an old friend on your journey visiting some wineries.

We work our best to fulfill your needs and wants and create a very personalized itinerary.

The world is full of wonders like the ones registered as World Heritage, sites and buildings that cannot be explained well with modern science, different cultures you may have never imagined, and nature that’s so powerful and overwhelming or so sensitive and fragile.
Though it is almost impossible to see all those things, we always try our best in order to lead you safely and comfortably to places where you would love to go once in a lifetime.

Original travel plan introduction

A surprise present for my wife with appreciation
I’m retiring next year. I’ve always been out working and she’s always been at home taking care of our children and doing all the housework. Now all our children graduated form school, left home and became independent. I just realized that my wife and I hadn’t had a long holiday together since our honeymoon. So I thought this would be a perfect time for us to have a second honeymoon. I would like to make it as a surprise present for her who’s always been very generous and supportive to my work. I hope this will show my appreciation for her hard work of all those years.

Trips after retirement, anniversary trips or any types of your trips, we provide best offers and services with unique ideas that no one would ever imagine.

There is a time when you just really feel like taking a trip. A scene from a movie, TV program, magazine, or whatever you just cannot forget or maybe a person you would love to see once again might set off your desire to go somewhere.
We believe people always have their own dream trips that no ordinary package tour can fulfill their demands. ISA Travel is here and ready for you to help have such a dream trip.
Whether it’s on your retirement or on your anniversary, when you take a trip on these kinds of occasions, we believe the trip will set a new cornerstone in your life. Let us hear about your dream trip and serve fluffing your demands.

Your dream travel starts when you’ve just thought of it.
STEP1 Think of the Trip STEP2 Decide the STEP3 Consult with ISA Travel Click here to Consult
Your dream travel is already successful when you have some vision of a place or a scene, or even if people think it’s just a flight of fantasy. Let us work it out together with you and make it happen. We are licensed by the Japan Tourism Agency in accordance with the provisions of the Travel Agency law. With wide range of services and experiences, we are ready to enable you to have the best time wherever your destination is.

About order made trip by ISA Travel

I’m Tokuya, in charge of web sales. Thank you for taking a look at our homepage.
Since our establishment in 2003, we’ve been operating many various kinds of custom made tours. One of our significant tours should be a pilgrimage for Catholic to Nagasaki, Goto and Yamaguchi in Japan and Israel, Italy, France, Spain and Turkey. This tour has been highly evaluated. Other tours, for example, are: tours to southern islands like Yoron in Japan, Bali in Indonesia, fishing tours to Palau, accessible tours for seniors and wheelchair users.
Custom made tours may sound difficult for you. It is not at all. If you know where you want to go, then all you need is tell us where. We will work together with you and create a very personalized tour like a tour of your lifetime and you will never forget. We would be most appreciated if you could let us help you create your own special, dream tour. Now, what place is on you mind?

ISA Travel will help you reach out and go beyond your dream vacation.
What’s your dream vacation like?
Your dream vacation is where we start planning for you and we’ll take you to where you have never dreamed of. Inquiry form


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