Do I need to pay to get a quotation or plans?
No, you don’t. We are happy to give you a quotation and plans for free of charge. Please feel free to talk to us or ask any questions you may have.
I really don’t have a plan or I don’t even know where I want to go. I just feel like taking a trip. Would it be possible for you to serve a customer like me?
Absolutely yes! If you feel like taking a trip, then that’s just fine with us. Well experienced concierge will assist you finding a right place to go on a journey.
How long does it take for you to give me a quotation?
Basically we try to show our quotation the next day. Sometimes it requires more time depending on the season and your request. If that’s the case for you, we hope you would understand that it’s just that we would love to arrange the best offer in order to fulfill your requests. And we thank you in advance.
How soon can you arrange a trip before the day of my departure?
We would appreciate if you could let us have some quantity of time before the day of your departure. But we assure you that we would do our best to make arrangements in time.
I’m thinking of taking a trip about a year later. Is it possible for you to make arrangements?
Yes. We don’t say it’s impossible. However, air liners, hotels or other facilities may not be able to give rates or prices a year ahead. In that case, we will give you a quotation based on the rates or prices of the previous year.
Do you have a desk? So that I can actually visit and talk to you in person?
We are sorry, we can only assist you by phone or emails at the moment.
Could you tell me how the planning process work?
First of all, we would listen and learn what your requirements are or what on your mind is. Then, we would work with you to form an itinerary of your own, balancing dream and reality.
How can you balance my dream itinerary and my budget?
As a matter of fact, travel agency services are not like a luxury bag that something you can touch and see. In that respect, we highly value the importance of balancing our services and your satisfaction. Although the fee for a package tour may look less expensive than our “custom made tours” plan, no other travel agency cannot provide services like we do. Our well-experienced concierge will help you have a safe, comfortable and memorable trip. We hope you find our services reasonable and sound.
How can I pay?
We accept cash bank transfer and credit cards (VISA and MASTER).
How can I find the information on safety of my destination?
Please confirm by Overseas Safety Homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs homepage. It is very crucial to study and learn the safety of your destination before you go on a dream trip.
I have a credit card that covers overseas travel insurance. Do I still need to have another overseas travel insurance?
There are some areas that credit cards don’t cover. We strongly suggest that you review your credit card overseas travel insurance once again and consider what your needs are.
What are your business hours?
Monday through Friday, from nine in the morning to five forty-five in the evening, Japanese Standard Time.

ISA Travel will help you reach out and go beyond your dream vacation.
What’s your dream vacation like?
Your dream vacation is where we start planning for you and we’ll take you to where you have never dreamed of. Inquiry form


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