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About ISA Travel

Origin of our company name “ISA Travel”

Our goal is to make your trip as memorable and refreshing one


To pursue this goal we took out the initials of these three words: Interest, Satisfaction and Active, we named ourselves “ISA Travel”.

From us

We make your trip a very personalized and special one.

Everyone has their own reasons to take a trip and you do as well. Every moment of your trip should be special and precisely to your taste and wishes.
Our goal is to make you a producer, creator and a lead role of your own trip. To provide the best and perfect plan just for you, we would love to hear what your thoughts about going on a trip, how you would like to travel, what you would like to do in your destination. We are not here to offer you just an ordinary package tour.
We are here to offer you a tailor made trip.

We may be a small size travel agency.
We may be a small size travel agency. That, we believe, is our strongest advantage where no other travel agencies could come up with such unique plans and exclusive offers with speed and dedication.

To those who had enough experience of mass produced package tours and seeking for exclusively personalized trips, we will always work our best to provide high-end travel services. So please feel free to contact us. We will show you what we can do to fulfill your demands.

Corporate profile

Company name Nakanishi Kosan Co., Ltd.
Establishment 21 September 1979
3-3-5, Temmabashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka 530-8566
President Toru Wada
Business Items Insurance services to Nakanishi Metal Works Co., Ltd.
Business Membership Formal membership to Japan Association of Travel Agents
Business Partners JTB, JAL Sales, R&C Tours, NOE, OTA, Amuza, SkyTours, Okinawa Tourist, Miki Tourist, JHC, ANA Sales, Blue Pacific Tours
History April 2003: Established as a new business investment of Nakanishi Kosan Co., Ltd.
June 2003: Licensed by Governor of Osaka.
November 2005: Licensed by Commissioner of Japan TourismAgency.
Affiliate sites Tenma Sheet Metal, Environmental Product Development(EPD), Neues Co., Ltd., KOLEC (Nakanishi Metal Works Co., Ltd.), C.T.Machinery Co., Ltd.

ISA Travel will help you reach out and go beyond your dream vacation.
What’s your dream vacation like?
Your dream vacation is where we start planning for you and we’ll take you to where you have never dreamed of. Inquiry form


3-3-5, Temmabashi, Kita-ku, Osaka-city, Osaka 530-8566