Summer vacation limited project!We have started accepting applications for helicopter tours in Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture.

This is a sightseeing event where you can enjoy the spectacular view of 2000m-class mountains such as Mt. Tanigawa and Mt. Asahi and Lake Fujiwara in the distance.

We have prepared a 3-minute course that you can easily experience, and a 20-minute course that allows you to fully enjoy a luxurious flight.

Please enjoy the panoramic view of nature that spreads out below you with your family, friends, and couples.

Click here for details and application↓

[Limited time] Amazing special price!! Recommended for first-time visitors ♪ Helicopter tour of Minakami Town, Gunma Prefecture!Trial course


Get a bird's-eye view of Japan's 20 Famous Mountains, Mt. Tanigawa, and the dynamic Tanigawa Mountain Range from above on a helicopter tour!XNUMX minutes of luxury cruising


Oze National Park Helicopter Tour with a view of Ozegahara, one of the largest wetlands in Honshu!20 minutes of luxury cruising


We look forward to receiving your applications and inquiries.