We have started recruiting for Kyoto [plan with kimono rental].

Introducing a plan that includes a helicopter tour and kimono rental, perfect for making memories such as graduation trips and girls' nights out ♪
The scenery from the helicopter, the different me and my friends dressed in kimonos,
This is a plan that is sure to look great on SNS and will make you want to leave lots of memories with images and videos.

We will also consider incorporating memorable locations into the course, such as the sky above the graduation school in Kyoto City, as a graduation commemorative project.If you have a preference, please let us know the name of the school when you apply.

We have prepared two plans: a heliport meeting and a Shijo meeting.
Please create lots of memories together that you'll want to look back on over and over again.

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Helicopter tour in Kyoto!After enjoying it from the sky, walk around Kyoto in a kimono!
Rental kimono included [Heliport meeting course]

When you come to Kyoto, change into a kimono!
Helicopter tour, rental kimono, and round-trip heliport transfer included [Shijo gathering course]

We look forward to receiving your applications and inquiries.