Instagram photo contest results announced!

About Instagram Photo Contest

Thank you for using the helicopter tour planned by our company ISA Travel.This time, we held an Instagram photo contest exclusively for users.

We received many applications.Thank you to everyone who applied.
We selected the award-winning works from among the wonderful photographs after a rigorous screening process.

Congratulations to all the award winners!The next event has not been decided yet, but we look forward to your participation when it is held!

Instagram photo contest page


Shooting period: September 2021, 9 (Wednesday) to December 1, 12 (Friday)

Application period: December 2021, 12 (Friday) to January 10, 2022 (Monday)

Result announcement

In no particular order

  • Dear inaba_marieSakura Garden Hotel Pair Accommodation Ticket (1 night without meals)
  • Dear ayaponmryaytSakura Garden Hotel Pair Accommodation Ticket (1 night without meals) 2
  • Second place award (3 points) Amazon gift certificate 1,000 yen

In no particular order

  • Mr. shokotama_kyotoAmazon gift certificate 1,000 yen
  • Dear tabi.sanpo.youtubeAmazon gift certificate 1,000 yen2
  • Mr. nachann0612Amazon gift certificate 1,000 yen3
  • Prize winner (10 points) Kyoto Heliport original key chain

In no particular order

Mr. nori_hyon Mr. bun_chan1004 Mr. letsgomika Mr. n_ko828 Mr. hrak.exe
sayapi_58 lovenikon yyy_sks DT TH

Regarding contacting award winners

We will contact you in January 2022.

  • ・Winners will be contacted via direct message on Instagram.
  • ・If you apply by email, we will contact you at the email address you provided.
  • ・If you do not respond by the specified date after being notified of the winning message, the prize will be invalidated.
  • ・Please turn on the Instagram notification settings (push notifications) on your device.
  • ・Please note that those whose posts are set to private will not be eligible to participate.
  • ・Winning works will be used on our website, SNS, etc.
  • - Submitted photos may be reposted on the official account.
  • ・Please understand that we will not notify you of your rejection.
  • ・Individual inquiries regarding the selection results will not be accepted.